Can you imagine there is a testing workshop where no slides will be shown? And, it is experiential other than being hands on where participants test and at are facilitated to see their own mistakes and learn from it. Welcome to this workshop on exploratory testing.

Pradeep Soundararajan, a synonymous name to exploratory testing in India must have facilitated this workshop to more than three thousand testers so far. He does this workshop a thousand times better than what he did a couple of years ago. Being hands on tester himself, he engages testers, leads and managers to the problems they might be facing to what they don’t know they are facing but they should know.

It will be fun, humorous, engaging, energetic and exciting.

What would be covered?

  • Passion for software testing
  • Exploratory testing – history, brief, people, changes, research, current progress
  • Styles of exploratory testing – freestyle, partially scripted,  mission, charters
  • Session Based Test Management
  • Tools for Session Based Test Management
  • Heuristics & Oracles
  • Test Strategy & Approaches
  • Skills for testing
  • Test Coverage
  • Mind maps in testing
  • How to test in agile context
  • Consulting notes from testing done in agile context
  • Problem solving – Bring your testing problem to the table and it will be jiggled to see how it settles


  • Testing (yes, you will test) – applications, objects
  • Exploratory testing demonstration
  • Session Based Test Management Demonstration
  • Mind mapping

Take a look at ‘How Pradeep teaches software testing

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Limited seats only!

About Pradeep Soundararajan:

Pradeep Soundararajan is the Founder & Managing Director at Moolya ( which caters to international and domestic companies ranging from start-ups to multibillion dollar companies. He wears many different hats and has done well with each of them. Some of the hats he wears are Entrepreneur hat, Coach hat, Consultant hat, Speaker hat, Author hat. His blog is one of the most widely read testing blogs from India. He is an invited speaker at international conference. He remains to be hands on tester and can find bugs faster and better than what he did in past. If you were to compare testing to martial arts and if you were to want a comparison of a particular style in martial art (like the snake fist) to testing, Pradeep’s style of testing is the “Test Coverage Fist”.

Pradeep has been awarded “Testing Thought Leader” by Vipul Kocher at Test 2008, New Delhi and Bach Brothers (James and Jon) awarded Pradeep with a “Testing Legion of Merit” in CAST 2011, Seattle, USA

Oh, by the way, there are only a few people who haven’t laughed to Pradeep’s humour J

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